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Happy Properous and Safe Diwali!!!

About Us

We, Ayyan Fireworks Private Limited, Sivakasi are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers of fireworks in India. Sivakasi is synonymous with matches and fireworks. A gorgeous burst of colours that light up the night skies and the festival flare of crackers booming the joy for everyone. Sri.Ayyan Nadar began it all in Sivakasi way back in 1923. His life is a scintillating saga of vision, vim and dynamism. Blazing a new trail, Sri.Ayyan started producing safety matches.

He never looked back. Ayyan fireworks are the sparkling testament to the bright vision of its founder. Today the match factory that Sri.Ayyan had setup has grown vastly to embrace a group of industries in turn spawning several benefactions which vitally address the challenges with field of education. The vibrant diversification is there for all to see.

The spectrum spans matches and fireworks, yarn and printing. The creed that governs the house of Sri.Ayyan Nadar is "Quality you can Trust". Sales may soar. Sales may drop. Quality is forever. And quality is sacred with eyes of the worthy successors of that towering doyen Sri.Ayyan Nadar.

The varied branches of the house today employ 2000 ushers. They are recruited directly. The group's current turnover is 300 million rupees. With a projected annual growth of 15% every year the guys at the realm are not exactly resting on their oars.

Ayyan Fireworks is fueled and fired by the clairvoyant vision that founder had. It is progressing activated by the same vision that helped establish it.

Education is a priceless asset. An educated citizen is a sound citizen. Sri.Ayyan knew this and his successor have done their bit in the cause of spreading education.

  • An Arts & Science College named Ayyan Nadar Janaki Ammal College for boys founded in 1960. Strength:1600
  • A women's polytechnic founded in 1990. Ayyan Nadar Janaki Ammal women's polytechnic.
  • Mepco Engineering College has been an achievement of collaboration with a German firm. It offers studies in the fields of Electric, Electronic, Mechanical, Computer, IT, Bio technology and Civil engineering and MBA.

From its inception in 1923 till 1984, for some six decades Ayyan Nadar headed the institution that he founded.

From 1984, his sons Mr.A.Graha Durai and Mr.A.Vaira Prakasam have been heading the business house. In 1996 they forayed into yarn and have set up a spinning mill and also into printing. The results are good and they are well set. The third generation is well equipped and  eager to hold aloft the banner of AYYAN


The firm commands Eight manufacturing units employing 1000 workers on a permanent basis in the direct manufacture of our products. We also employ 300 workers in the pre-manufacturing process at our own replica watches sites.


Our growth rate is a steady 12 to 14% annually. Production is geared to meet the massive demand of Deepavali festival that falls in October to November yearly. The firm is also engaged in the manufacture of paper cone, tube, box and paper sizing and cutting.


In India, fireworks are totally handmade unaided by power. Manual labor can result in quality variance. This is vigilantly guarded against at Ayyan Fireworks. The firm employs experienced chemists specially trained in products on a daily basis. All inputs chemicals, paper and board are checked to see whether they meet the quality specifications listed by the company. The company conducts regular quality control meetings wherein our suppliers of raw materials and factory staff exchange views and sort out problems if any.

Ayyan Nadar Fireworks is customer friendly. Products are made with specific markets in mind. We have developed and delivered products meeting the exact specifications and satisfactions of our Clients.

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